Lanzarote – Day 3 – Playa del Pozo

DSC_1005 - 2 (9) RD

After visiting the entire West coast from Timanfaya to Los Hervideros, we decided to spend the rest of the day chilling at the beach. One of the most known beach of the island is Papagayo beach, at the south-west of Lanzarote : white sand and quite, warm, transparent sea… The ideal place 🙂

You need to drive to Playa Blanca, a beach resort at the southest point of the island, and then take a rocky trail where you should drive slowly to avoid any damages to your car. After 5-10min at a careful pace, we arrived at a free parking and different choices of playas: Playa de Papagayo, famous and crowded, or at the right, Playa del Pozo?

Playa de Papagayo or Playa del Pozo ?

As always, we opted for the less touristic alternative: Playa del Pozo! 😀 We set up here with our large parasol borrowed to  our housts, and enjoyed the Canarian sun, sand and fishes (I even saw a barracuda!).

DSC_1005 - 2 (14)
DSC_1005 - 2 (8)RD
DSC_1005 - 2 (37)RD

Since all the tourists were squeezed against each other at Papagayo, we were free to spread our beach towels and enjoy the moment… before more intense days to come, to reach the Playa Bajo Risco or to climb the Caldera Blanca!

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