Lanzarote – Day 4 – Los Jameos del Agua

DSC_1005 - 2 (286)

After our intense day at the Playa Bajo Risco, we just needed to rest in a quiet, peaceful place. Los Jameos del Agua fitted perfectly with our needs.

The « jameos » are lava tunnels formed when the volcanos erupted. The different temperatures of lava created some kind of bubbles or caves on their way to the seaside, like la Cueva de Los Verdes that we visited earlier.

DSC_1005 - 2 (210)

At Los Jameos del Agua, parts of the lava roof were removed. Following its project to emphasize its birth island’s culture, CĂ©sar Manrique transformed this area into a quiet place, with a restaurant, a pool, palmtrees and a museum about volcanos. It’s worth the visit!

DSC_1005 - 2 (255)D
DSC_1005 - 2 (315)

The logo represents an endemic species of crabs, that only live in Los Jameos del Agua. They are white and blind, and you can observe them very easily.

DSC_1005 - 2 (224) RD
DSC_1005 - 2 (318)

I really recommend to visit Los Jameos del Agua during your stay!

After his tough day hiking to north beaches, we came back exhausted to our AirBnB, and discovered a lovely touch waiting for us… They had cooked papas arrugadas and fish on barbecue ; and kept aside some of the dish for us, along with some HarĂ­a wine!


If you want to know more about CĂ©sar Manrique and his creations, you can visit the FundaciĂłn CĂ©sar Manrique, were we went the next day.

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