Lanzarote – Day 5 – Fundación César Manrique

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After a few days in Lanzarote, we had the opportunity to see many César Manrique’s creations such as El Jardín de Los Cactus, or Los Jameos del Agua.

Our hosts told us that we should also go to the Fundacion César Manrique, situated in the former house of the island’s artist built on el Malpaís (the lava field), and turned into a museum. It was really close to our AiBnB so we walked there on the morning.

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There are many different styles of colorful rooms, with the willing to highlight the island’s main features. We find the black of lava fields, the white and green of Lanzarote houses, and the blue of the sky and sea.

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Inside, books, works of art and exhibits tell he life of Manrique, but also the history of Lanzarote and gather many works of canarian artists. Moreover, the view of el Malpaís and the volcanos near the house is astonishing!

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After the visit, we decided to stay a little in Tahiche for he afternoon, before hiking on the top of the Caldera Blanca at sunset!

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