Lanzarote – Day 6 – La Gería

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La Gería, as you can learn at the educational Monumento al Campesino, is an area at the centre of the island where people make wine on the volcanic soil.

The landscape is particularly different from usual vineyards. It is so difficult to make it grow there that they invented their own methods: each seedling is sowed in a large hole on the ground, surrounded by rock walls, and the grapevine will grow and spread very low, close to the ground. This way, they are protected against the wind, and the lava retains the coolness inside the soil.

It results in beautiful fields on the volcanos, where each plant is visible, and the grapes almost touch the ground.

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It is possible to visit the various bodegas to taste and buy the wine, but we privileged the good-old methods: buy a bottle of bio « la Gería » wine at the supermarket! The wine was really good, and far less expensive than what can be found at the duty-free… 😉


We had to enjoy our stay and the last moments we spent there, because we had only a couple of days left! The following morning, we wanted to try another North beach, the Playa Famara.

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