Lanzarote – Day 2 – La Cueva de los Verdes


Not far at the north of El Jardín de los Cactus, la Cueva de los Verdes is a cave that was formed into the lava flow from the Corona volcano, thousands of years ago, when the volcano erupted.

This lava flow is the longest lava tunnel of the world (7km) but only 2km can be explored. It is said that people used to seek refuge in this lava cave to escape pirates and enemies.


You will be surprised by textures of rock walls, since not any cave is made from lava!

DSC_0265 RD
DSC_0273 RD

After your visit, you can take the road to the norhern tip of the island, El Mirador del Río, and admire La Graciosa through the clouds 🙂

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