Lanzarote – Day 7 – Playa Famara

DSC_0001 - 03 (51) RD

On our last entire day on the island, after wandering through vineyards and fields of La Gería the previous day, we decided to give a second chance to the northern beaches. We wanted to go to Playa Famara, a windswept scenery and paradise of kite-surfers.

Once again in Lanzarote, the landscape was astonishing. A large sand spit spreaded between the cliffs on the right, and a volcano on the left. The red flag was warning tourists from taking a small bath, but the kite-surfers were enjoying the empty beach. They skidded from the right to the left, carried out by the strong wind. It was really cold out there, so we didn’t come into the water and prefered to observe the show from the shore.

DSC_1005 - 2 (929)D
DSC_1005 - 2 (906) RD
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Then it was too cold and we were tired of the sand beating our face on each wind burst. We decided to go to a more warm, quiet and welcoming beach, at the south… and we chose Puerto del Carmen.

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