Lanzarote – Day 2 – Mirador del Río

DSC_0358 RD

After the bowels of the earth at the Cueva de los Verdes, we went to one of the windy, highest point of the island.

El Mirador del Río is a viewpoint situated at the last North point of the island. César Manrique decided to emphasize this breathtaking view with its usual architecture and large windows that let the tourist admire the landscape.

However, as many travellers before us, we chose not to enter inside the building (the visit is charged), but to take a (very) short walk at the left instead.


There, I think you can appreciate quite the same view (free or charge!) of the small island « La Graciosa », separated from Lanzarote by a tiny « corridor » of sea called « El Río ».

The day we went there was both very hot and very windy, which resulted by the formation of clouds right where we were standing, on the top of the hills! We could feel the humidity on our skin and clothes, as the new-born clouds reached us, pushed by the wind heading south.

DSC_0382 RD

Then we decided to go to Haría, known as « el Valle de las Mil Palmeras ».

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