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Lanzarote – Day 2 – Teguise

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I would say that Teguise Market is mostly dedicated to tourism, but it’s still a beautiful place and a nice way to discover the village. Moreover, it gives a first overview of the island’s specialties and local craft.

The market starts around 9 am. The more early the better, so you can discover the locals preparing the market in a quiet sunrise atmosphere, and avoid tourists buses 😉

You can find arts craft (many represent lava, volcanos or lizards), food specialties like their yummy cheese, and many aloe vera-based products. There are a lot of aloe vera « museums » in the island, that are mainly shops with many explanations about this plant.

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At the end of our stay, we went back to Teguise and it was really quiet without the market’s agitation. The charm of the city was complete at sunset 🙂

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Once we visited every stand of the market, the crowd was growing with the arrival of many tourist buses. So we decided to move on to El Jardín de Los Cactus !

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