Lanzarote – Day 7 – Puerto del Carmen


After the wind and kite-surfers of Playa Famara, it was time to chill at the beach resort of Puerto del Carmen, and it’s hords of tourists!

It was too bad that a huge hotel was currently built just behind the beach. However, contrary to the north coast, it was sunny and hot out there, and we could swim and go see the fishes 😉

Later on the afternoon, we walked through the streets of Puerto del Carmen, which are only made of 2 things: tourists, and tourist shops. We tend to prefer more local lifestyles, but it was funny to see all this various nationalities gathering in front of an ice-cream stand. And the walk gives a beautiful view of the seaside on late afternoon.

On our way back home, our AirBnB hosts advised us to go to the LagOmar house.

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