Lanzarote – Day 6 – Monumento al Campesino

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After our challenging walks in the island’s marked relief, the Playa Bajo Risco or the volcano Caldera Blanca, we decided to take it easy on our 6th day in Lanzarote. On the morning, we headed to the Monumento Al Campesino, next to San Bartolomé.

Built by César Manrique, the place is made of many rooms, each one with a topic, disposed in order to form a patio in the centre.

Each room is dedicated to some local craft or tradition of Lanzarote. It is possible to participate to various workshops, to maintain traditions. For example, we learnt how to make the mojo, a Canarian sauce composed of olive oil, garlic, and any type of spices and herbs (cumin, paprika, coriander…)

There are also rooms explaining the making of corn-bread or pottery, exhibitions about the vineyards from the Gería, or the old artcraft made by the ancient people of the island…

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To sum up, the Monumento al Campesino is a real tribute to the local craft and traditions. Then, we decided to go to another great cultural feature of Lanrarote : the vineyards of la Gería!

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