Lanzarote – Day 3 – Timanfaya

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Lanzarote is a volcanic island, perhaps the most volcanic of the Canarias. The day after visiting the East coast and Haría, we had no choice but to visit the Timanfaya national park!


The area looks like a no man’s land: the road is winding between black lava fields, with no habitation, no animals, just a few shrubs and cactus from time to time.

The park is closed to the public : you have to pay a ticket to visit it by bus. My first thoughts were that it was quite weird, but after our visit, I understand why: without any footprint of tourists in the park, it is completely preserved and you get the illusion to be on Mars. Only the tiny road and some camels interfere with the quiet loneliness of the park.

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We wanted to avoid the hords of tourists, so we came to the park at the first hour and took the first bus. It was worth it because we were the only ones on the road and it was easy to park. But when the bus came back to the parking, we noticed that the place was crowded and after us, a lot of buses went into the park: we had paved the way for the day.

After the tour, there are some funny demonstration of the volcano’s power: how to cook potatoes over a well, how to create a geyser…


The Timanfaya park is definitely worth to visit, first hour in the morning!


Then we continued our trip on the West coast with El Golfo.

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