Lanzarote – Day 3 – El Golfo

DSC_0748 RD

El Golfo is a small village situated on the West coast of the island, close to Yaiza and not far from Timanfaya National Park.

Its singularity remains on « El Lago Verde », a green lagoon at the south of the village. You can reach the viewpoint by a short walk and admire a curious colour palette: from ochre, intense green, deep black and navy blue.


This photogenic spot is the result of several phenomenon: the volcano first erupted near the shores on the 18th century. Progressively, the erosion caused by the waves and the wind made the west wall of the volcano disappear, swept into the sea. It allowed the water to spread into the crater and create an ecosystem made of algae and… a lot of salt (the lagoon is more salted than the Dead Sea)!


As a protected area, you are not supposed to approach El Lago Verde, and anyway, the view is better from the top of the pathway. However if you are really curious, you can find another green lake, abandoned near the road in the direction of Los Hervideros!

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